“The passion for good wine was born in 2002 when Mino Favero, one of the best guides of Venice, made me try the best Italian wines” says Andrea Bedin, owner of of Sydney. 
“But from the age of 15 I would help my father in all the phases of wine producing from the picking of the grapes to the bottling of the wine and the grappa” says Andrea. 
Born in the Agro Pontino (south of Rome) with many years spent in Venice, Andrea is the Director of Italiano Style Pty Ltd, an Australian company dedicated to the import of quality Italian wine, and in the future also certified typical products.
 Andrea is married to Maria Balanos, an Australian of Greek origin. Andrea and Maria spend 9 months a year in Italy. Together with Kerry Kalantzi they founded the company in 2014. 
They represent, in exclusive, some excellent wineries that produce white wines, reds and sparkling varieties. “These wineries on their own would not be able to start a policy of marketing and selling in Australia and New Zealand so they have entrusted it to us”, says Maria. “None of the wines or products arrive by chance. The wines are scrupulously tasted by Italian sommeliers and they are chosen above all for the pleasantness of their taste” concludes Maria. Italiano Style has its own website and Facebook page . 
The main contacts are 0452 411552 and

What is the added value of Italiano Style? 
The presence of the Italian Directors who live in Italy. The communication of style is not taken from indirect sources. Andrea and Maria are the sources. Every day they live the evolution of Italian society, taking care to point out the traditions that are consolidated and the trends that change day after day. 

Why does Italiano Style propose itself as an importer of quality Italian wines? 
 This product was chosen because it is a good that is one of the most difficult to reproduce. Australia and New Zealand are fantastic countries but the oceanic-macro climate is different to the macro-climate of the Mediterranean Sea. In particular, Italy has its own unique micro-climates. 

What is the aim of Italiano Style? 
Italiano Style imports genuine products. The aim is to guarantee the certainty of making a ‘bella figura’ - good impression with guests who drink the wine imported by Italiano Style.



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